Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 essential guitar albums - Killswitch Engage 'End Of Heartache'

“They’re an extremely important band, not just because of the guitar playing, which is phenomenal, but because they’re the full metal package. When Killswitch Engage came along, I thought, ‘These guys are really keeping the flame alive.’ It felt like a renaissance of metal.

“Around 1994 or ’95, it seemed as though guitar playing was taking a back seat to everything else. Grunge was around, and while I can appreciate what they did as songwriters – they wrote some amazing songs – the guitar playing wasn’t always inspiring.

“The kind of guitar playing that I like was brought back with Killswitch Engage. They have a lot of great albums, but The End Of Heartache was particularly inspirational to me as a guitar player. It gave me a lot of hope for the future.”

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