Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 essential guitar albums - Ozzy Osbourne 'No More Tears'

“Zakk Wylde just rocks the planet. For many guitarists, if you’re a rhythm player, you’re a rhythm player; if you’re a soloist, you’re a soloist. It’s difficult to be both, but Zakk pulls it off – and kicks everybody’s ass.

“In my opinion, this was Zakk Wylde’s defining moment; it’s the record where he truly announced that he was his own guy and he wasn’t going to' try to fit in or do what any other guitarist had done. It’s solid as hell, the riffs are heavy as fuck, the leads are great, the rhythms are huge – everything is massive.

“It’s as if Zakk were saying to everybody, ‘OK, this is how it sounds when a guitarist plays with balls."

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