Thursday, June 12, 2014

10 essential guitar albums - Shotgun Messiah 'Violent New Breed'

“I never really liked the band, and I can’t say that I’ve listened to this album in at least 10 years, but when it came out, it had a profound effect on me. There was something about Harry Cody, the guitarist – he was one of those guys who could play anything with real authority.

“The band were kind of glam metal on the first two albums, and I wasn’t into that, but they took a left turn on this one and made something that was more industrial. And the guitar playing was just balls out! The tone, the licks, the solos – everything you could want.

“This came out during the grunge period, or maybe when grunge was starting to age a bit. I wasn’t too thrilled about guitar playing in general during this time, but a couple of bands and albums signaled to me that help was on the way. Violent New Breed was one of those records."


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