Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Message from Jason Hook about the documentary "Hired Gun"

Below the message from Jason Hook about the documentary "Hired Gun":

What's up Knuckleheads! as many of you know we have been working hard to share these amazing stories with the world. We have been making great progress and are now in the process of obtaining final funding and distribution. We have more interviews to come and then we will start to edit, color correct, license music and video and finish off the film. 

While we are currently speaking with several interested parties from film and TV, we really want to keep things moving. So we have decided to launch an Indie GoGo crowdfunding campaign to help bridge the gap. This a great way to keep the momentum building!

Now we need your help and out reach to make sure the campaign is a success!

If you could please post, blast, tweet, share and spread the word to your mailing lists and social platforms. Let folks know about the documentary. 
Use the link above. It will take people right there to learn the Hired Gun story and mission!

If you feel like making a pledge or contribution please feel free!! There are some amazing perks being offered!

Thanks and enjoy! 


For more details about the campaign on Indiegogo, click here.

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