Monday, December 8, 2014

Jeremy Spencer: "New 5FDP's songs are more brutal, with more extreme dynamics"

Jeremy Spencer talks about new Five Finger Death Punch album with, below you can read some excerpts:

"We always try to do things a little differently than the time before, but without being drastically different. We are who we are and I don't see us doing something so left turn that people are going, What is that? I just don't see that. We sound like what we sound like and I'm excited to see where it goes, honestly."

He continued: "I love making new records, and feeling the energy, seeing how everyone has grown and all that. We do try to push ourselves and experiment a little here and there. We have to keep it fresh for ourselves. We started recording some new material already and we did a couple tracks so far. After the holiday break we're going back in the studio for the long haul and hopefully have something out by summer. Obviously we'll be touring in the spring, so if we can finish by spring, it would be great but we'd like to get something finished by summer and get something out by the end of the summer if we can."

Regarding what the new songs sound, Jeremy said: "I'm digging it, man. It's actually more brutal, with more extreme dynamics. There are some really mellow parts and then some really brutal parts. So we're running the whole gamut of sounds."

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