Friday, December 19, 2014

Jeremy Spencer talks about Knotfest interviewed Jeremy Spencer, below you can read some excerpts:

I caught your last US show when you guys played Knotfest. How did that go for the band?
It was good, but it was a little weird too, because before that we’d been doing our stage show, with our huge amount of production and then we had considerably less space during the Slipknot festival, but the crowd was really great. It was a huge crowd.

You’ve headlined your own tours and in fact your own festival tour as well. How did it feel to be a part of Slipknot’s gig?
It was really cool. I definitely wasn’t expecting that big of a response. L.A. is usually a tough place to play. L.A., New York…that’s how it goes with those big cities, but this was really cool. Everyone was excited to see the band and there were some crazy mosh pits and it was just a great night.

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