Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Zoltan Bathory: "It wasn't broken down to these crazy sub-genres and..."

Ultimate Guitar interviewed Zoltan Bathory, below you can read some excerpts:

The combination of those two different types of influences is a big part of the band's sound? 
There is that musical mix and that musical chemistry that comes out from our backgrounds. Then you take Jason [Hook], my other guitarist, and he's a very hard rock guitarist coming from the school of Van Halen while I'm typically more heavy metal, thrash metal and I come from that world. So those things kind of make this mix. I don't even know what genre we would fall into. We are kind of coasting on our own edge of hard rock and heavy metal I would say. I don't really care much for these sub-genres and that's one of my peeves with heavy metal. 

You don't like all the labels? 
At one point it was all just one big genre. It wasn't broken down to these crazy sub-genres and all these sub-genres don't like each other anymore. It was just one big brotherhood but that's kind of gone. It's segregated into these little sub-cultures. We still incorporate every part of those things [other styles] so in some ways it's accessible to a lot of people and there are a lot of elements from everywhere. And some people don't like it because they say it's not true to one specific genre. Do you know what I mean? 

I do. When you were living in Hungary, were you aware of all the U.S. metal and rock bands? 
Oh, of course. Yes. We had access to everything. Basically we were tape traders and copying tapes and had everything. So we were aware of the most obscure death metal and everything. I even had demos of all kinds of American bands so that was completely normal. I wouldn't even say it's typically Hungarian; it's more like it's typically European. 

That makes sense. 
When it comes to the question you basically asked about, "Are you guys purposefully or consciously trying to be ahead of the curve?" I know I gave you a long answer. But I think it's simply that we started with something. I don't think the band's changed too much even though we are progressing and developing. We already started with something but we are the same band. We didn't do a drastic change. It started with that mix I described: the Euro/American mix and it was always important that we write songs. 

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