Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ivan Moody about new album "Got Your Six": "This is our best work"

Ivan Moody was interviewed by Sixx Sense at Download Festival in U.K., you can read some excerpts below.

About Five Finger Death Punch, new album "Got Your Six": "I'm excited. I know everybody's supposed to gloat about their own stuff, but this is our best material yet. I swear to God. This is our best work. You know, and I'm a fan of music first and foremost, so I can appreciate… I don't play instruments, so when I walked into the studio when we did our listening party, and I heard the entire CD front to back, I was just flabbergasted. I mean, I really was. I was going, 'We did this.' For a sixth album…? I mean, most people didn't think we'd make a second one, so it's really nice to be in that position."

About the songwriting process for "Got Your Six": "We've got a really unique way of writing. And I don't know how most musicians do it, but… Again, I don't play instruments, so what the other guys in the band do is they'll write the song and they'll send it to me. So when you guys hear the CD, that's exactly how I got it without the lyrics and melodies and whatnot. So it's a great method. I don't have to get in their hair, they don't get in mine. They don't wanna be next to me. I'm like a monster in a cage."

About whether writing music is a "release" of sorts: "You know, sometimes it is. Other times it's a headache. Because you can't just make inspiration up. You can't just walk in and shit out a song, so to speak, so, for me, it's a little more difficult, and there's methods to it. And it'd take a whole hour for me to explain it. But let's just say that I cause myself a lot of self-inflicted drama to make sure I get in that headspace. Like I said, the guys don't wanna be around me when I'm in there."


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