Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jason Hook about new album: "We're probably about half done"

Jason Hook in a new interview at Heavy Montreal said that the band are about halfway through making their next album.

He said: "We're probably about half done. We're workaholics, we went right back in the studio. Every time we talk about taking a break it just doesn't feel right. Sitting around it just feels like we could be doing something. We're always concerned that we might lose momentum or that people will stop caring. I think we're overachievers by nature."

He added: "Of course we're always paying attention to how Ivan is doing. But everybody moves at different speeds. He likes to get up and work from 6pm to 5am, everybody's different and you have to allow them to be themselves and do what they do best when they are comfortable. We can always make tons of music and he comes in when he's comfortable and starts layering himself on top. And he's better than ever right now, he's been great."


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