Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Zoltan Bathory explains what happened during the show in Tilburg

Zoltan Bathory, after the Tilburg concert, lasted just over 45 minutes, where Ivan Moody said that it would be his last concert with Five Finger Death Punch (watch here the video), responded to a fan on Instagram to clarify the situation and to explain what happened: "He was just pissed... nothing was going our way ... crew radio com was fucked so there was a misunderstanding & crew ran the intro - so we went out on stage not realizing Ivan wasn't even at the venue yet ... then he got dropped when he stage dived... then his Microphone died - and just a snow ball of technical and human error one after the other while we are on stage trying to perform... it was ... well .. I guess a night of Rock N Roll ..."


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