Friday, July 7, 2017

Jason Hook on upcoming album: "Everyone who's heard it thinks it's a smash"

Jason Hook says that everyone who has heard Five Finger Death Punch's upcoming album thinks it's the band's strongest effort to date.

Speaking to SpazioRock before band's June 6 concert at Alcatraz in Milan, Italy, Hook stated about the upcoming album: "It's completely done. There was sixteen songs completed, sitting at Prospect Park, ready to go. Everybody that's heard the record so far thinks it's our best record. I'm super excited about it. I thought we fucking knocked it out of the park. There's some really cool, different things on there that are slightly different for us. There's certainly a chunk of what you would expect from Five Finger Death Punch, but there's some solid songs that are slightly outside of our regular box. But everyone thinks it's a smash, and it's in their control."

According to Hook, Five Finger Death Punch's new album finds the band once again walking the fine line between subtle experimentation and continuing with the tried-and-tested formula which has turned them into arena headliners. He said: "We can't really do anything differently. We are what we are. And it's an interesting challenge, because when you get to your seventh or eighth or ninth record, it comes naturally to do what we do. So we can't be fake about it, we can't fabricate something that's different — we have to just do what comes naturally. Fortunately, when we're making records, you have to come up with sixteen or so songs, so you can do a little bit of experimentation and try to break outside the box a little bit. Sometimes it doesn't work. Sometimes it's, like, 'Okay, that's way too fucking different.' But it's very easy for us to come up with the bulk of our sound in sixteen songs. And I think you'll be very delighted. It's a powerful record."

Hook also talked about Five Finger Death Punch's legal issues: "The whole lawsuit thing, to me, is just so silly. We haven't done anything wrong. People always ask me, 'Why are you getting sued by your label?' I'm, like, 'I can't honestly answer that. I don't even know why.' We owed the label one record, which we completed within the terms of the contract. We didn't anything too soon. Twelve months after 'Got Your Six', we had another record ready, and we submitted it, and they refused to release it because we've already signed to another label to move on with our lives."

He continued: "This Jeff Kwatinetz character has sued 89 people so far; that's his thing. So we'll never stop fighting. He won't win. We have millions and millions of people that demand us to come and play. There's plenty of money. What he's done is just kind of childish and ridiculous."


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