Thursday, July 27, 2017

Watch Jason Hook's appearance on My Cat From Hell

My Cat From Hell features cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy as he travels across the country helping cat owners deal with conflicts regarding their pets. Jason Hook was featured on the show on July 22.

In Hook's episode entitled "Cats in Isolation," Hook talks about how all the issues began when his girlfriend moved into his place. His girlfriend, Stephanie, brought her two cats, Gibson and Farnsworth, much to the dismay of Hook's cats, Patton and Montgomery.

This move resulted in utter chaos as Patton and Farnsworth would not stop fighting the other. The show features video of the two cats going at it and it's pretty clear that Hook's house was not big enough for the two of them. In what they hoped would be a solution, they moved Farnsworth and Gibson to the master bedroom and created a barricade at the door to separate the cats.

Unfortunately, all this resulted in was Farnsworth and Patton fighting each other through the baricade.

"It's very likely one cat might try to kill the other," comments Hook.

Their pairs of cats fought so much that it almost prevented Hook and Stephanie from getting back together.

After a few weeks and many helpful tips from Galaxy including having the cats eat while looking at each other along with moving all of the cat trees and other things the cats enjoy from the bedroom into the living room, Farnsworth and Patton have begun to be more civil with the other.

You can watch the full episode here.


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