Monday, September 4, 2017

Beautiful message by Tommy Vext for Ivan Moody

Five Finger Death Punch played last night at the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mount Pleasant, MI. Tommy Vext has reached the band to perform 'Wash It All Away'. At the end of the concert he then published a beautiful message for Ivan Moody: "The World could really learn a lot from what it means to be a part of the metal scene. Black, White, Yellow or Brown, Religious or Atheist Democrat, Republican, Rich, Poor, Solider, civilian, Male, Female, Trans, Young, Old, Gay, Straight, Sober, or not we fuckin take care of our own.
I'm very proud of my bro for all the measure he's taken and continues to take to keep himself right. A lot of outsiders have talked lot of bullshit and frankly they don't know a thing about walking in another man's shoes or what it actually takes to face and master your demons. I'm honored to be of service to guys who always give back so much to their fans friends and families. 
Another amazing show tonight, welcome home brother. #IvanMoody"


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