Wednesday, April 25, 2018

All you need to know about Five Finger Death Punch new album "And Justice For None"

And Justice for None is the upcoming seventh studio album by Five Finger Death Punch. It is set to be released on May 18, 2018, with two singles already released in December 2017 on their first greatest hits record, "A Decade od Destruction".

The band had already completed recording of the album by December 31, 2016, however due to ongoing problems with their label Prospect Park, the album was delayed until 2018 after they reached negotiations with the label. After negotiations were reached in late 2017, they released the greatest hits compilation A Decade of Destruction and two new songs entitled "Trouble" and a cover of The Offspring song "Gone Away" recorded for the new album were included on the compilation, which will be featured on the deluxe version of the new album, which will also feature a different album cover for the deluxe edition.

Track listing:

Standard edition
1. "Fake"
2. "Top of the World"
3. "Sham Pain"
4. "Blue on Black"
5. "Fire in the Hole"
6. "I Refuse"
7. "It Doesn't Matter"
8. "When the Seasons Change"
9. "Stuck in My Ways"
10. "Rock Bottom"
11. "Gone Away" (The Offspring cover)
12. "Bloody"
13. "Will the Sun Ever Rise"

Deluxe edition
1. "Trouble"
2. "Fake"
3. "Top of the World"
4. "Sham Pain"
5. "Blue on Black"
6. "Fire in the Hole"
7. "I Refuse"
8. "It Doesn't Matter"
9. "When the Seasons Change"
10. "Stuck in My Ways"
11. "Rock Bottom"
12. "Gone Away" (The Offspring cover)
13. "Bloody"
14. "Will the Sun Ever Rise"
15. "Bad Seed" (Metallica cover)
16. "Save Your Breath"

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