Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Zoltan Bathory explains how the Five Finger Death Punch sound evolved

Zoltan Bathory recently talked to Loudwire. You can read an excerpt below.

You say that Five Finger Death Punch has a sound, but thinking back to that first album -- The Way of the Fist was a heavy pummeling album. But on this album, I love that you cover “Blue on Black” or that you have a bluesier feel on “When the Seasons Change” while also having heavier songs as well. What does it mean to you to see this band continually evolve, adding more to the palette with each album?

Great question. It’s a funny thing. We get a lot of people who think, “Oh they’re only repeating the same thing” and there are other people who are just like, “I wish they were just like the first record.” I think the sound is evolving and if you look at the first record and really the first two records – The Way of the Fist, I wrote 95 percent of that record. Somebody had to lay down the base and the foundation. It sounds like how I sound like. Then on the second LP, we had Jason [Hook] coming in and adding to the whole operation. With the third record, Ivan came in more and it was more equal. This is what I mean by this is how it sounds with these five guys together. The first record, Jason wasn’t there and you can hear it. He’s more of a rock guy and I’m a metalhead, so you can kind of see how the band has grown to have more of a balance of hard rock and heavy metal. Each of our influences is on it and that’s how we’ve created what it is today.

We always experimented to a degree, but take the double record. There’s 25 or 26 songs and with that many, you can experiment of five or six songs because there’s so many. Fans get the record and they still have the pulse even though we experimented with different influences on four, five or six songs. When you have one record and you have 12 songs, and you do that much experimenting, fans will say, “Wow, this is not even the same band.”

“Blue on Black,” it’s a different song. Kenny Wayne Shepherd, I’d never seen his band. It’s not my vibe. But when we did that song, once it was done I was surprised. It fits in the record and I don’t see it sticking out too far. It still sounds like Five Finger Death Punch, but it is something different. At the end, I was like, “Wow, I didn’t expect this to work but it did.”

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