Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Zoltan Bathory explains why 'And Justice For None' is a "very important record"

Zoltan Bathory recently talked to Loudwire. You can read an excerpt below.

You had to wait for the legalities to shake out rather than put the album out immediately.

The record was essentially finished in January of 2017, but then we added a couple of songs. We’re always working on something and at the last minute we had some stuff we submitted to the label, but like I said, it’s a time capsule and it does embody everything that was happening in those years.

As a band, we have a sound. It’s not like we come up with some jazz fusion or whatever. Five Finger Death Punch is a sound, and we can experiment with it and we can sacrifice some for experimentation, but this band sounds like these five guys. So when we talk about a Five Finger Death Punch album coming out in 2017 as opposed to a year later, it’s not really that much of a difference.

But during this time Ivan was in and out of rehab, and that’s how you can see the difference. It’s almost bi-polar to some degree. He goes into rehab and if he comes out and he’s hopeful and happy, then he’s going to write a song about that, and he’s on top of the world that day because he feels that way. And if he falls off the wagon, he may be angry and frustrated and then if we get into the stuff with the label, you’re gonna have that. So lyrically what he would write today may be different than what he wrote at some other point because today is different.

But he’s sober now and he’s on top of the world and he’s sounding the best ever. He’s full of energy and if we were to go into the studio today, he would write something else. But I think it is a very important record.

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