Friday, June 22, 2018

Zoltan Bathory on 'Sham Pain': "This is definitely our life"

Zoltan Bathory recently talked to Loudwire. You can read an excerpt below.

Let’s talk about "Sham Pain." It’s a very pointed song from Ivan [Moody] in terms of the lyrics...

[Laughs] Well, these last two years have been the biggest years for the band but at the same time the most chaotic, hectic and insane. Ivan was struggling with a few demons and we had the lawsuit with the record label and as the saying goes, “Smooth waters don’t make great sailors.” But we look at this album as a time capsule. Whatever is happening with us, whatever is happening socially or politically in the world, that is what we talk about. We don’t really write about mythology or Viking warriors, which can be great for other bands.

But that particular song is sort of tongue-in-cheek; we made that crazy video for it which is kind of underlying what is going on and how it pans out. So yeah, this is definitely our life.

Ivan had a difficult time at the time. He lives for that two hours that you’re onstage, but everything surrounding that is crazy. It’s the other 22 hours that you kind of have to go by the rules. But he hates the planes, he hates the bus; it’s all in the lyrics. He loves the fans. He goes to the meet-and-greets and he’s always being yanked away, sometimes by the security guys. He’ll jump in the crowd and sign everything he can and the security guys have to get him out of there. And everything in that song is basically about that hour, hour-and-a-half that we live for and the other 23 hours that are fucking insane.


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