Thursday, July 26, 2018

Chris Kael on Demi Lovato overdose: "I hope that she comes out of this wake up call woke"

According to reports, pop star Demi Lovato was hospitalized Tuesday (July 24), and a source close to the family told CNN that it was the result of an apparent drug overdose. As word spread throughout the entertainment industry, a number of her peers in the pop world offered their support and well wishes. Chris Kael also weighed in on the subject, stating, "I hope that she comes out of this wake up call woke."

Kael, who has been open about his own path to sobriety over the past year, also offered words of encouragement to Demi and to others who are struggling with their own sobriety, stating, "For those who also struggle, you are not alone. You are also strong enough to beat this if that is what you want to do. No time like today to change life for the better."


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