Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Chris Kael celebrates 1 year of sobriety

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael celebrated his first year of sobriety on Sunday, February 3.

Earlier today Kael wrote on Twitter and on Instagram: "May my hitting my first sober birthday yesterday give hope to those of you also struggling with addiction. It can be done. And, you will thank yourself when you too hit these milestones. Keep your chin up and those feet moving! #ShitYesSon #SoberAsFuck #SFG"

I wasn’t going to post about my reaching one year of sobriety yesterday. I didn’t want the pats on the back for doing something I should have been doing the whole time anyway, ya know? But, a couple of friends reminded me that though I’m uncomfortable with the accolades, my posting about hitting a year would give hope to others battling substance abuse that it CAN be done. So, here’s to those of you out there looking for a sign. The universe pushed me to post this message. I can’t tell you of the numerous rewards in life for me since I decided I would no longer be a slave to substance. I am in such an exponentially better place than I was one year ago. I am SO looking forward to all that continues to await me on this continued path of sobriety. Thanks to all of you that have supported me on this journey. And, thanks to my brother @ivanmoody for the kind words yesterday. You are not alone, my friends. Keep your chin up and keep those feet moving. #ShitYesSon #SoberAsFuck #SFG
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