Sunday, August 11, 2019

Zoltan Bathory about new album: "Don't care how long it takes to complete it"

In a brand new interview with "The Art And Span Show", Zoltan Bathory was asked to clarify his recent claim that the group upcoming eighth album will see him and his bandmates "shifting back to that heavier side" of their sound.


"This answer will cause a debate in certain forums," Zoltan said. "But, look, a lot of people listen to super-heavy music, and for them, they look at us like, 'Ah, that's a radio band,' or whatever. And people who listen to radio will say, 'Oh, man. That's way too heavy for us.' So we are kind of on the cusp, in between. Obviously, we have a lot of heavy, heavy songs.

"I would say 'heavier' in a way that we're kind of gravitating back toward this big groove style of metal, so when you do that, it actually feels heavier," he continued. "You can play something super technical, and it's not gonna feel as heavy as some sludgy, big groove. It just feels heavier. So it's not necessarily faster, it's not necessarily angrier that way."

Zoltan added: "The songs that are there right now, [they have] probably the biggest grooves, the heaviest grooves that we have written. And then also there are a couple of songs that Ivan [Moody] already did the vocals on that are just different — not heavy, but different. I think it's gonna very diverse. And in the end, we'll see how many or what songs we'll put on the record. We kind of like to keep it in balance. But I feel like — again, I'm just predicting it — let's say we write five more ballads or five more slower songs, that would change the equation, but I don't think it's gonna go there. I can see this very coherent picture — okay, this is gonna be a little bit denser, heavier. I wouldn't say darker, but it's the grooves, I think."

Zoltan Bathory, the band is taking its time to complete the new LP, which is once again being recorded with the band's regular producer, Kevin Churko, in their hometown of Las Vegas.
"We are fairly comfortable with the record," he said. "It will take as long as it takes. We have one objective — it has to be good; it has to be the best we have done so far. So if we can finish it [and get it out this year], we'll finish it. And if not, then next year. We don't care how long it takes."


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