Saturday, November 23, 2019

Chris Kael helps out 9 year old fan

Chris Kael saw a Twitter message that a 9 year old fan would have to miss the band’s current tour due to lack of family funds.

“Feeling major anxiety right now because I have to inform my 9 year old daughter that she won’t being seeing her favorite band, 5FDP, in Knoxville. She has been so excited to see, what she calls, ‘my viking guy.’”

When asked by Chris, “Why not?” she replied.

“Low funds this time around. Hard to tell a child that though. She will understand and tell me that it’s okay, we will next time. Still, I don’t want to see that look on her face.”

Being ever the good guy, Chris reached out and made sure that 9 year old would have a look of excitement, not disappointment, when she goes to see Five Finger Death Punch, and as an added bonus, meet Chris in person at the Knoxville stop of their tour.

“Tell her that her Viking guy will see her at the show. Looking forward to meeting you both. DM me.”



  1. THAT is the spirit everybody should have in they're heart ��

  2. thats why five finger death punch is the best band in the world