Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Chris Kael is 22 months sober: "It's been an incredible turnaround in life"

During a December 6 appearance on the "Kentucky Sports Radio" show on Louisville's Talk Radio 1080 (WKJK-AM), Chris Kael revealed that he has been 22 months sober. "Our lead singer, Ivan [Moody], he's 21 months sober, right behind me," Chris said. "So, once I got sober, he was trying to go through it as well. We've really been leaning on each other a whole lot. If we can do it, in rock and roll, you guys can do it. Trust me. It's been an incredible turnaround in life. 22 months ago, knowing how I felt back then versus how I feel now — it's amazing. I cannot go back.

"I was doing this whole addict thing, where I had nine months," Kael admitted. "I was, like, 'Okay, at one year, I'm gonna re-evaluate. Maybe I'll have an Old Fashioned [Pale Ale]' — that was my thing; Old Fashioned — 'I'll have that.' But nine months hit, and that's when the first milestone was. I was, like, 'If I feel this good at nine months, why would I introduce that back into me at all?' It works for some people; it wasn't working for me. And now I'm spreading the word. I try to be the positive guy that everybody knew me to be originally, and I fell off the earth with addiction. And now I'm back."


  1. day at a time. That old fashion comes to mind everyday....just past the 6 yr mark.

  2. I doubt if you guy's actually read these..But my old man had a drinking problem..At one point it got so bad' he hit my mom..It was only after he and I locked horns for the last time' he realized he had to sober up..He was sober for two months before he died..

  3. So proud of you Chris. We just seen you a Rupp in lex. Had an amazing time! Keep up the good work!

  4. Go Chris! So proud if you! Keep it up sweetheart! Xoxo