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  1. We are a group of Law Enforcement officers in San Antonio Texas that support Children suffering from Cancer as well as other disabilities. We would love to have yall out for our 2nd annual Shields For Kids Golf Tournament at the beautiful La Cantera Golf Resort! It's in late October and we are already sold out! Also if there is anything we can do for yall or any of those poor children, please, dont hesitate to ask!
    I hope you see this message!
    We would love to help in any way possible!

  2. We totally ejoyed your show in Columbia SC! Loved all the bands and so thankful we got to attend! The motocycle riding club called Roaddocs out of Columbia SC love your music! We are a group of EMS and Healthcare providers (RN's, Docs, and Flight crew, etc.) that give back to our communities ever chance we get. We support each other in our group 100 percent. One way is to open our doors to one another to reduce the effects of our jobs and stop PTSD from taking our lives. PTSD is a serious matter and needs lots of attention. PTSD IS not just in the healthcare world, but within our EMS, military personnel, police, and firefighters. We are working to make a positive change in this world. We thank you for your music and your time to come to SC to rock out with the best show! Thank you for all you do outside of your music and showing us how to be better ourselves! We love you FFDP! If you are ever in Myrtle Beach or Columbia SC again; our doors are always open to FFDP and anyone affiliated with you all! We are having a barbequed hog on December 14th in Columbia SC and y'all are more than welcome to come if your in the area! Keep rocking out great songs and be safe in your travels!

    Tina Shaw Smart
    Roaddoc member SC Midlands Chapter Columbia SC

  3. Crystal starkMarch 15, 2020 at 7:56 PM
    Just wanted to let the Five Finger Death Punch band know how much their music means to my husband and i, the words of your songs speak to us in so many ways. OUR BEST FRIEND committed suicide on our anniversary on October 20th, 2019. We listen to your songs every night. Bringing back the sweet memories of our Best Friend Chad. Keeping rocking boys, your music is the Best! It means a lot, never knew the pain and impact of suicide until its in your world. He will never be forgotten and ALWAYS THOUGHT OF, EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY!

  4. Hey there Ivan... I've been losing most folks in my life now... my best friends' wife left him for a girl (and I wish them well) he said I cant be his brother anymore for supporting their relationship... then my brother moved in during covid... yeah, thats nice and all... but his kids, wife and all were breaking my house apart... so I said I was upset and they left... (it was not so calm)

    Anyways... It would mean the world if you could just share this old song (our band broke up years ago) to remind my brother, his ex-wife, and everyone that we are a family...